Drennan Loaded Visi Wag 4


Classic Loaded Insert waggler ideal for short to medium distances
Peacock Quill is fast being replaced by modern, hi-tech alternatives such as those used for the Visi Wags
It is available in 5 sizes ranging from 1g (1 1/2BB) through to 2g (2 1/2AA)
The Float includes a distinctive 3mm Visi Wag banded Hollow Tip
Strong, buoyant and really exaggerate bites
Ideal for fishing on stillwaters or slow to moderately paced rivers
Great for targeting fish at all levels of the peg
Each float has been designed so you can change from one size to the other
All done without changing your shotting pattern
Takes five No.8 shot when set up in conjunction with four Float Stops (two either side) and a Swivel Float Attachment

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