ESP Tungsten Balance Beads


Designed as a very convenient alternative to tungsten putty
They provide a secure fit over the swivel knot or trapped on a short loop.
Perfect as a counterbalance on Ronnie rig booms and on the hook section of a hinge rig
The beads need to be pierced with a splicing needle or fine bait needle
Then threaded onto the link and pushed over the swivel or loop knot
Containing 75% tungsten
The Small weighs 0.3g, perfect for 12mm pop ups combined with a size 6 Ronnie
The Large weighs 0.6g for 14 16mm pop ups on a size 4
Different combinations can achieve critically balanced or over-weighted presentations
The beads can also be trimmed for precision balancing
Unlike tungsten putty, these beads are crayfish proof
Provide a consistent and easily repeatable alternative to putty
8 beads per pack

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