Fox Edges Rapid System Fast Melt PVA Bags


Eliminates the need for PVA tape to tie the solid PVA bag
Makes tying a solid PVA bag easier than ever before
Use the unique tool to fill the PVA bag and tie it too
Two sizes of loading tool available – Large and Small
Large tool works with 3 different sized PVA bags – 85mm x 140mm, 75 x 175mm and 85mm x 220mm
Small tool works with 2 sizes of bag – 55mm x 120mm and 60mm x 130mm
Supplied with Orange loading tool, Black locking collar, 25 Fast Melt PVA bags (20 for 75mm x 175mm and 85mm x 220mm)
Supplied in a handy plastic moulded tube to keep everything dry and organised
System available in Fast Melt only
Fast Melt and Slow Melt Refills available separately

Orders placed before 1PM arrive next working day!
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